Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A novel concept: New Year's Resolutions

Usually I don't make them. Why? I think I might not follow up on them, like everyone else.
My usual resolution is to have more intimate moments with my Husband. Well, if you think about it, one more time in the hay is MORE than the year before, right?  I've got that one NAILED! Time to do some serious stuff though:
My New Year's resolutions:
photo courtesy of the website mentioned
in the photo. 

1. To wear my weapon more. I have a concealed carry license. The world is going more cray-cray and less sane. I'm wearing my weapon and will be working on more practice on moving targets this year. NO, that does not mean humans.  God, how people think these days!  If someone does come at me to threaten my life or those of my family I want to be sure I am accurate.

Incidentally, those 4 rules over there are not just guidelines, they are RULES!! Everyone who owns a gun should live by these 24/7. Most 'accidental' shootings are because of the lack of following those 4 rules.

2. To get into shape/lose weight. Since I stopped my membership at the Y, I've gained 10 pounds. I want to go back to getting into shape and lose enough weight to be able to put my Engagement Ring back on without choking off the circulation to that finger and losing it. I miss working out because it helped me deal with stress in my life.  
 treadclimber or max trainer? We're still working on that. Dave wants the Max Trainer, but I can tell him from experience he will need to work up to the recommended 1/2 an hour SLOWLY. The treadclimber would be the better choice. (Photos courtesy of the makers of these machines)

U-Rock doesn't have a fitness center, BTC in Monroe doesn't have a fitness center --- honestly people, in this new age of heightened awareness of the benefits of fitness to stress and the body..why is it that Colleges neglect this? They have student lounges, but no fitness center. BTC's central campus has a decent one. I used it all the time while I was there.   Get with the effing program!

3. Finish projects on the needles. I have a lot of them in need of completion. A few sweaters, a few shawls, a few other stuff. Get them off and done. Either that or frog them. I'm thinking I need incentive for this. Maybe I will throw a giveaway for one of the shawls once it is done. I used to give myself the rule that no new projects would start until the old ones are finished. I'm not sure WTH I was thinking.

4. Finish a few writing projects I have going on. Nope, not going to tell you. Suffice it to say that the writing was done purely for my enjoyment. My biggest mistake was admitting to it to my husband. He thinks it will turn into some sort of career. Millions of people write stuff all the time, it don't make them writers. I like to write, I like to create stories. I just don't think they're all that good. 

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