Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

My usual feeling on Christmas is dread. I used to despise Christmas with a passion. Not for it's meaning, but for the fact that it meant we had to schlep all over Wisconsin to see family. Lumpy beds, hours upon hours driving in bad roads, people with uppity attitudes, bullshit galore. Yeah, not a great way to spend the holiday, but we did it anyways.

After the big blowout shortly after Christmas before last, we've been freed. Dave's family finally came out of the closet and told us how they truly felt about us: We're stupid, horrible, evil people because we're not Libs. In fact, that apparently is the very reason WHY they felt it important to tell us so during a visit to our home. Yep, I invite them as guests into my home only to get called a stupid, evil bitch. Bitter? Me? HELLZ YES! I'm still bitter about that, and will be until my death.

I'm SO much better than that! I know how to be an excellent guest in anyone's home. But that's why I'm stupid, evil and deserve to be cut out of the family...............LOL

This is the 2nd year we are free of our restraints. I've been ruminating on starting traditions here. We are re-instituting the Birthday Cake. Way back when it was just Alex and I, he asked me a very astute question. If it's Jesus' birthday, where is the cake? So we'd bake Jesus a birthday cake (Carrot cake was the tradition) put candles on it and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.
Our Christmas Tree. This year,
there are no ornaments, just lights.

The gifts are modest.

Dave needed new shoes, he got new shoes.
My only frying pan lost it's teflon coating. I'm getting a new frying pan.
Alex needs pajama pants that don't have holes in them.
He's getting PJ's.

Gift cards galore for other people. After I spent 6 months of my life one year spinning and knitting objects that I *thought* would be well-received, I'm not doing it again. Only a few gifts were made this year, mainly for kids.

I have 3 nieces who are expecting babies this year. Well, one of them had her daughter already. June bug gets a warm blanky and Mom gets a nursing blanket, or whatever she wants it to be. I'm calling it, '50 shades of pink.'

All in all, the struggle has been to create our own traditions; ones that don't involve driving or putting up with other people's crap. This year, I'm "meh" about Christmas, which surprisingly, is a step better than before.

Merry Christmas to you all. May your holiday be better than you expected! 

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