Friday, September 27, 2013

You win some, you lose some.


1. STILL fighting with school over financial aid.  Due to the fact that I dropped that Lit class, they've withdrawn my ability to get any loan. I'm 1 credit short of what they consider 'part time'. I had my advisor find another credit -working with the theater dept.- but they say it's too late. which brings me to:

2. Fighting with the UW about that stupid flipping book. At this point, their obsessive love of this book detailing the abuse of young girl is becoming hilariously ridiculous.  You mean to tell me that this is THE  definitive book on the African-American experience? This book is 40 years old! Try finding a book from THIS century! But still...I've got an interim director who just freaked when I told her that she was being insensitive by her vehement defense of this book. She STILL defends it!

3. I've got a Calc test today. Wish me luck.

4. I came home yesterday to find 3 dead geese lined up by the mailbox.  Someone had hit 3 of Molly's girls because they were in the road.  That made a bad day much worse.  I tried to salvage some of their feathers and stuff but............dang.  

5. The rest of the flock is fine.  Daisy's dealing with the fact that her one leg is unusable.  She hops around the pen we set up for her just fine. She'll never regain use of that leg and we've consigned her future to the freezer. We'll find another breeding female duck.

6. Knitting a couple of prayer shawls, one large Queen Anne shawl and finishing up my dogbone pillow. Problem with the dogbone is that I need to find the appropriate stuffing to make it firm, yet yielding. Polyester fiberfill is not working.

7. My son has gotten a job with a fast food joint and will be working there while he attends the same school I am. He will start next semester. Right now, first things first. Let's get him working on a consistent basis.

8. I'm exploring options of what I can make and sell to bolster the budget, since the University has dropped all funding for this semester. I've gotten mixed messages: one says I will not get any grants, the other says I'll not get loans.  Well, am I getting one or the other? Because if I am getting squat, I'm dropping out for the semester.  But then I'll be without a car, which means I'm stuck here at home and need to find something that can be made and sold successfully from home.

9. Yeah, that will not be KIP Bags. No force on earth can make me go back to sewing them. 

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