Monday, April 1, 2013


Lockdown is a term used to indicate the last 2-3 days of incubation on a poultry egg.  The eggs are not rotated any more but left in the position ideal for hatching.  The humidity is raised to help thin the shell and the warmth stays the same.  This week, we have 10 duck eggs due to hatch.  The first 4 are seen here.  I see internal pipping with the top left one.  That means that the duck has started making a hole to the outside.

They all rock back and forth from time to time. It's getting crowded in those shells, and they want out!  We stand there watching for movement, excited when we see them rock back and forth even a little bit.

BUT, onto Knitting and Spinning. This is the start of the Tree Roots Scarf by Kristi Holaas.  The yarn is the real story on this scarf so far. In search of yarn/fiber to become my Easter present, I happened on these skeins of Martha Stewart Wool Roving at JoAnn fabrics on clearance for a buck.  Now, I took a look at it, and thought, "Hmmm pencil roving. Almost 2 ounces of wool for a buck.  I can spin that." So I did. I don't know how much yarn I've gotten, but I've spun up one skein and plied it on itself.

It's very soft yarn.  I'll probably have to get some more for this scarf, as I think maybe 2 or 3 skeins would make the best scarf. I find that I get into spinning moods and just want to sit and spin w/my drop spindle while watching TV.

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