Thursday, April 18, 2013

April is a harsh month, y'all

That duckling who ate the box elder bugs? Died. We think that eating the bugs without grit in his/her crop must have clogged the system.  We didn't even *think* of adding grit to the feed.  Now we know better.

The other 3 ducklings that have survived are in with the goose girls.  Yes, we have 6 female African geese now, in the laundry room eating and crapping.  The photo is very wonky due to the color of the heat lamp.  This photo was taken about 3 days ago and they've already doubled in size.

We had 5 eggs due to hatch this week.  One hatched, but the duckling died within hours.  One other was pipped but died last night in the egg.  The other 3 didn't even make it out of the egg.  It's been a rough week - here and in the US, with all the explosions, deaths and injuries.

Dave ordered up the 4th thermometer. Yes, 4th.  We cannot get an accurate reading on any of them.  For the proper incubation, you need 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Comparing 2 thermometers, we get readings off by as much as 10%.  That's unacceptable! The last one we *thought* was reading correctly was off by 5 degrees.  That could be the reason we have so little survival in the hatchings.

There. There's a better pic of the girls.  They were out and about while waiting for their area to be cleaned out. They are timid if you stand up around them, and more friendly when you get to their height.  Chatty ladies, and showing some definite personality traits.
School-wise: I talked to an adviser and it looks like I'll be transferring to University proper Spring semester of 2014.  That is when I start my true training in the Electrical Engineering field.  I've got math courses to catch up first.

Knitting-Wise: I'm just messing around with a blanket from  handspun for me. 

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