Monday, April 29, 2013

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Spring!

I can smell grass! It smells lovely.

So here's the count of animals  here:
7 adult geese
4 adult ducks
3 roosters, 4 hens
6 female goslings
3 ducklings of indeterminate gender
6 bantam chicks of indeterminate gender
28 duck eggs incubating
3 bantam eggs incubating
18 eggs on Sissy the goose's nest.

3 human adults
3 cats who do absolutely nothing but eat food.

A duckling explaining life to Dave. Isn't he/she adorable???? They've lost much of their yellow fuzz and are replacing it with white down.  After that come the feathers.  They are liking it outside and have been introduced to the flock.  The boys are very interested in the girls. As Mama Goose, I must remind them to keep their distance.

In order to help keep the two flocks apart, I made a partition of sorts from a sheet torn into strips with narrow strips of fabric sewn at the corners with enough room to stick bamboo garden stakes through. You'll see it the background of the top photo.  It makes it easy to move and gives a physical barrier that works most of the time.  The little ones seem more at ease when they can't see the adults staring at them.

Molly is the newest Adult Goose. She's the big goose to the right of the pink pool.  She's doing better with the flock. though still ostracized a bit more than I'd like.  We bought her for Buddy, who charges her with neck out when she gets near.  Yeah, he's an idiot.  Hopefully when mating season is over the flock will be more accepting of her.

This photo also shows 2 of the 4 pools of water out for the enjoyment of the ducks and geese. The problem with our land is there is no where level except where we park the cars.  I've learned to make level pads for the pools out of mulch.

Knitting is being done.  Another Rikke hat to match the blue scarf I've knitted.  A red throw out of wool, and a baby sweater for our Cantor and his wife at church. We're so excited, it's their first child. I envision another 2 or so baby items off my needles in the next few months as a good friend of ours is expecting an addition to their family in October.

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