Tuesday, January 3, 2012

When you can have any one, which would you pick?

If I could have any KIP Bag at my disposal, which one would I pick? Well, it's a good question.  I've got about 6 of them rambling about with one project or another in them.  One of my favorites:
I'm very fond of Lilies of the Valley; their smell, delicate flowers and how they proliferate around shady areas.  When I was a young girl, there was this old lady that had a house a block from us with these growing by the porch.  Each day I'd steal one of the stems and spend the remaining 5 blocks walking to school sniffing that great smell.

Right now it's keeping my Bee Fields Shawl in stasis.  That shawl is 100% handspun silk in hues of gold.  I just lost interest in it during the 2nd motif.  Of course, being the one that sews the bag means mine is lined in black with pockets of green.

Since there's a few more bags running around, perhaps I'll show off another one and it's component project next week. 

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