Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random Tuesday

Nice Bar, right? This was taken at the Hubbell Power Systems (HPS) Guest House in 2000.  Back then I was working in Electrical Distribution. It's all that stuff that sits on the telephone poles.  HPS gives newbies a week-long seminar on different products used in Electrical Distribution. You get to travel to Missouri and stay at this guest house, which is actually the founder's original home.  The founder of HPS is deceased.  OK, so this is the bar.   I remember doing a LOT of drinking in this bar that had no Guiness, Yukon Jack, Southern Comfort, MGD Light, nor Jack Daniels.  I drank Miller ~shudder~ for a week straight.  Oh the hangovers! There was not much else to do after the day's selection of seminars, so I drank.

The house itself was beautiful, decorated in a great Mod/Art Deco style. There was a circular breakfast nook:

And a large area where we met every day to learn distribution equipment, their uses and manufacture:
One hellaciously huge master bathroom that I shared with the only other lady in the group. I kid you not, this thing was as big as my living room, decked out in tiles with THREE showers.  It had those multi-nozzle showers that I did try once.  The nozzles hit you all over, but they were a bit too fierce for me. Notice the nice 'do in the mirror.  I used to perm my hair a lot back then.
Our guide and host for the week was Marty, pictured in the center of this picture. He's doing a card trick of some sort. I can honestly say this man had a talent for entertaining, educating and hosting a group of people. Not many can do that well, and Marty excelled.  I mean, this was over 10 years ago, and I still remember Marty!
The week in Mo was prohibitively hot.  I mean so hot no one stepped outside for anything, until Wednesday. It was only in the 90's that day. Now you  have to know that the participants in this group were from all over: Vancouver, Great Britain, Washington State..etc.  One guy had never seen fireflies before. About 5 of us spent the evening catching fireflies in a jar for him to take back to his kids.
That's when I learned what an "Arkansas Air Conditioner" was.  It works, just not all that well.

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