Friday, January 20, 2012

Messenger bag is Bag #3

Messenger bag
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This bag is actually a prototype that I made for the store. It was for sale, but no one bought it. I love it! I'm not sure why it didn't sell, but perhaps it was just destined to be mine. This one carries the sweaters that I make. It also is my go-to bag when I have to travel. Inside the bag is all white lining with a small patch pocket near the top.

The trim on this one this fabric called Zen Charmer by Alexander Henry.  It gives a great feel to decor fabric.
I've been reconsidering my decision to drop this style of bag in my shop as it is just too useful to not sell it.

On the homefront, it is Snowpocoalypse #2 for the year. It seems as though God has remembered that Wisconsin is a northern state and we are expecting about 12" of snow with this storm.  We're all stocked and ready for the snowfall, and I'm working on cleaning up and organizing my areas around the house.  It's not an easy task around this time because I've got boxes full of items to be given away as door prizes for the Guild's Knit In next month. Brown Sheep sent 15 skeins of bulky yarn plus 2 patterns! I love Brown Sheep!!

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Anonymous said...

When can I get my BAG? I love this prototype! strandedinoz