Friday, January 30, 2009

Get a Sample of Goodies

I was contacted a few months ago about providing some samples for a sample sale.  Kinda hard to explain but I will try.  Sellers of fiber, yarn and anything knitty-handy can provide samples to Phatfiber and all the samples will be boxed with each other and sent to people who buy them.  I ripped off her store sign, thanks Jessie!  This month, I have sent the sample KIPs with a valentine motif on them.  My sample box from January looks like this:
I've been using the samples of sock yarn, which come from bunkybobos
and oh lots more but I tore off the labels (WAHHH).  I'm knitting a mitered square blanket (shawl? , table topper?, oh I don't know yet) from the samples.  Pictures after a bit of work. 

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