Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Practical Knitting

Later on this morning: The progress on my knit alongs. I'm on the Dem-Fischer-Sin-Fru (the fisherman's wife) and Secret of the Stole 2.

But for now, it is what I do what I am not knitting along. I have been doing what I would call practical knitting. It's been freezing cold here and the men have cold toes. I grabbed some of my thicker yarn from the stash. Ok, not really stash but two large garbage bags full of yarn. In a weekend I had two sets of slippers made.

On the left is my Husband's pair. I know, they don't match. The problem was that I ran out of yarn after knitting the first one. My only excuse is that they were needed immediately. My husband was not concerned with looks, he just needed warm feet.

I learned my lesson with my son's socks. (On the Right)
I had even less of the cool colored wool and much of the gray stuff, so I knitted the color in the cuffs, heels and toes and left the middle to be plain. His hit his feet about as fast as Dave's did and they've not been off since. I need to wash them.

Mine are not on my feet. (left) These were knitted at my In-Laws' about a month ago. I was not happy because they were supposed to be just normal socks. They were knitted on too large of kneedles to be comfortable. Then, I had an inspiration and threw them in the wash. That worked! I think I'll try that again.
Each of these were knitted from the same pattern: A general sock pattern knitted on size 10 needles. I cast on 40 stitches, knitted about 2" of k2p2 ribbing, then 8 knited rows. The heel is the slip one, knit one on the knitted side, then slip one, purl one on the purl side. The heel was a V-Shaped heel. The rest was knitted and tried on until I got to the end where it was k2 together at the beginning and end of each row at the toes, then bind off and crochet the toes together.

My Mother's socks were finished also. (On the Right) They were knitted on size 3 bamboo DPN's with my handspun. As usual, I was afraid I was running out of yarn so I grabbed some pink and did some 'shadow' knitting on the feet. It was knit one row of the colored, then knit one row of the pink.
My reasoning was that the feet weren't going to be seen anyways, they could be a bit less flashy. I'm just happy that they are done.

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