Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Can you hear that? It's quiet!

Last week was not fun. Our phone and internet were buzzing with chatter from family about the untimely death of my husband's ex-wife. Dave was married for over 20 years to that woman, and they have two sons. There is animosity between the 'boys' and their father due to the divorce and remarriage. In fact, Dave hasn't talked to his youngest son in almost 10 years at his son's request.

We've lived with these restrictions and said nothing to anyone. Now, there has been talk to one of the sons. Perhaps there is hope.

My Mother and Father in-law were down for the memorial service, as well as Dave's Daughter-in-law and granddaughter. We had them stay the evening here after the memorial service and they returned home the morning after. It was like chaos here; finding beds for all, and food, and entertaining a 4 year old.

Knitting? Not really. No time, nor any motivation. Spinning? Only during the time Dave was at the Memorial Service. It kept me calm, and from worrying.

Now that we're through that bit of drama, it's back to normal life. Of course, that means I have caught another cold. Great, woo hoo.

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