Monday, January 7, 2008

The holidays were hectic: too much driving around seeing family serving TONS of food that I didn't need. But there is perspective, down below.

Knitted presents were received and there was not much oohing and ahhhing over them. Mystic Waters.........I have a picture of it, Honest!............was termed an 'old grandma' shawl. SOTS will be utilized as a table runner, and the skull hat was overshadowed by a kewler, store boughten one. But there is perspective, down below.

My computer was acting hinky: To slow to turn on, not finding the sound card, etc. Dave cleaned out the whole thing this weekend. He reformatted the hard drive, installed the old programs, and set up the network. His problem was with the network. He took about 3 hours to get that thing to work. But there is perspective, down below.

Ok, to the perspective. This morning I see the answering machine blink. Someone must've called last night. It was Dave's daughter in law, Amy. She needed to talk to Dave NOW.....which was like this morning at 3 am. I called Dave's work and told them to give him the message to call her when he got there. I proceeded to drop the kid off and go to the mall to walk with my Mom and Dad. Borrowing Dad's phone I call Dave to get the message.

Dave's Ex-Wife was killed in a car crash on I-90 yesterday afternoon.

That's the perspective. Dave doesn't talk to his sons since the divorce, but I can just sense that he'd love to be with them right now. But they don't want it. But I know they could use it. That's what family does for each other.

Being from a huge family myself, I know there are relatives I'd rather not speak to unless I'm drunk. During those times of grief though, they are some how comforting. Kinda like the memory of plucking feathers off of freshly slaughtered chickens at my Grandma's. Sure, the smell of hot, wet feathers and the greasy feel of them was wierd, but it is a memory of a time when I was with my family. How is that for a wierd explanation?

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