Friday, August 3, 2007

Yarn creates a stole, but this one is hideous!

This is what my mystery stole looks like through Clue 4. I did a bad thing: I did not dye enough yarn to complete the whole thing in one hue. When it came to the darker pink, I tried to replicate the hue found in the middle. Oh, I didn't even come close!

Now that I have an idea of what Clue 5 is, I'm considering what to do. The end of the stole becomes a wing. Now on this one, I don't think it will make much of a difference. I will knit the wing. But there's the one that I've started for a gift:

This one shows up on a photograph as being striped. That's because I didn't wash the white wool well enough before starting. I am hoping...crossing my fingers....that it will be white when I wash it after I am done knitting. This one will be knitted in symmetry. I will knit it to the 'frog line' and then knit another one and attach them. This will need to be done before September.

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