Monday, August 20, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away

We have had over 6" of rain in the last few days. The basement is leaking, but at least we're not flooded. I've always said the flood would have to become 'biblical' to raise this far. is still trying to squeeze 80 bucks out of me for 3 hours of perusing their overpriced crap on their website. Yeah, that's going to be disputed.

I went up to the In-Laws' for the weekend. Their was something hinky in the air: I went upstairs to take a nap at about 3 and slept through dinner. I've never done that! They got much more rain in NW Wisconsin than we did. The flood warnings started Saturday and they still have more rain coming.

There are 18 new bags to show you. I'll post them in a second. I pulled out some of my most favorite fabrics for the bags. As you will see: I like color.

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