Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More Projects found

I've been searching high and low for my unfinished projects. Some are a complete surprise to me. Some aren't. For the Finish Part this time:

As I come across stuff, I wonder...do I know this thing? Do I have more yarn for it? What in the hell was I thinking? Well this next one is known, and I have more yarn for it, I just don't like the colorway. BUT...it was on sale so.... [Image retracted, just an entrelac thing..trust me]

It's an Eleanor Shawl, in Lion Brand Amazing color way Joshua Tree. I think it looks hideous so I tried to frog it. Nope, no go. The yarn is very clingy. So I guess I'll slog on through to the end with this one. I've got another 4 skeins of it left to go. They make nice gifts as nursing shawls for new moms.

Owlie sleep sack was not in the For F 15, but was made on impulse for my Godson's new baby, William. I wanted to give this pattern a shot for a while. I made modifications to it, like the bottom is buttoned so you can change diapers more quickly, The top is a ribbed pattern so it doesn't roll.

The yarn is a clearance Lion Brand thing. Soft wool or something like that. It's made to be washed and I wanted to make sure that was an option. New parents don't need to be thinking, "can I wash this?" with 2 hours of sleep per day.

There's a hat that goes with this, but it's just a hat. I swear these days I can knock out hats in my sleep. I'm pretty sure that I do, actually.
This is a Mara shawl in the Mallabrigo Rastita yarn. The colorway is Marte. I wanted to highlight the awesome colors in this yarn  and this seemed to be the best way to do so. Today I moved it from the small circular needles to the longer ones. I've got one set of size 10 and 7 knitpicks Options needles plus one 40" and one 24" circ. for it. I switched them around today as the smaller needle was getting crowded. That's about 2/3 through the first skein, and I have another skein to finish it up with.

I frogged a few items, have a few more to go. I'm still contemplating that Queen Annes' Lace one, but I need to check on the pattern first. It's on my ipad and I should be able to see if I knitted those plain rounds on it or not from looking at my notes. 

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