Thursday, January 8, 2015

Finish or Frog Fifteen

That's what I'm calling this year: Finish or Frog 15.


Squishy Cowl named Limburger.
Dave and I went to the Monroe Cheese festival this year. It was an anniversary year so it was a crush of people. Wisconsin cheese makers set up a huge tent on the square and offer up samples of their best. Along the other sides of the square are fund raising tents, a reenactment of cheese making done 100 years ago, and some nice yodelers in Lederhosen.  One fundraising tent was to take the Limburger test.

For $3 you got to sample Limburger, the smelliest cheese there is. You got the choice between 'fresh' Limburger or "about to go bad." I chose "about to go bad." The taste? Beer cheese. Tasted like Beer cheese.  Now add a bit of mustard on that and it tasted good. I'd do it again..with beer. we moved from one side of the block to the other, the crush of people got so bad near the yodeling bandstand that we were smack upside the shops. Then Dave notices a yarn shop up ahead. We went in, I bought this lush baby Alpaca yarn and made a nice soft thing for my neck. Only took me, what? 6 months to finish?  The pattern is called the scrunchable cowl on Ravelry. If I were to do it again, I'd add another repeat as I don't like things so close to my neck.

A pair of mitts and a coordinating cowl made from Kashmere Kisses from Ho Lo (Hobby Lobby) Honestly, I don't know why this yarn wasn't more popular. It's uber-soft and nice to work with. I bought several skeins on clearance and made myself a nice set. Too bad I don't have enough for a hat. Oh well.

The mitts are knitted with a made-up pattern. CO a multiple of 4 on dpns: probably 44 knit 2 purl 2 for about 2" then stockinette. For a thumb increase, I do a Kfb then increase every other row doing that until I have about 10-13 more stitches. Then I cast off those stitches and in the next round I add another 4 by backwards loop. Just for fun, the middle 2 of those stitches is purled so I know where to start my cast off. Top 1" is k1 p1 ribbing.

The cowl is the pattern named Ithacowl in Ravelry. A mistaken rib pattern that frustrated me because it was a simple k2 p2 and then drift the next row over 1...I finally had to put a stitch marker in. AHHH! LOL.. I know most people already do that. I'm lazy; most of the time stitch markers are not at hand.

One stupid project in which I tried to use mohair to make cables. EW
Next up for frogging: A hideous lace project with way too large of beads, an entrelace stole started but never finished in that hideous colorway Joshua tree from Lion Brand Amazing. I never did like those colors much. Then I get to do some sleuthing work and determine if I knitted that Queen Anne's Lace shawl correctly. You see, the pattern is an older version and you really needed to pay attention to the row #'s. If one wasn't shown in the pattern, you were to knit that row plainly. Yeah. I never did pay that much attention................Maybe I did, but I'm betting I didn't. It will need to be frogged. 

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