Friday, August 8, 2014

Photo updates

That's George, Fred is behind him. They're doing well.  I've put up the enclosure again so they can be protected while outside. They have food, water and a bath in their enclosure. The rest of the flock is still harassing them. I don't know why, nor do I care. I just need time to be inside.

Carrie is sitting on the last 2 eggs we have. I've incubated them until yesterday when B5 was internally pipping. B3 and B5 were fertile and have progressed well since I popped them in the incubator. By putting them under a broody goose, she gets to be Mom and I get my life back.

This is just a nice photo of part of the flock. I can tell right away this is the flock we term "Ron's Flock" because Buddy is in it. Buddy, Ron, Sweet Pea and Gingi are all part of our original flock sent to us over 2 years ago. Everyone else in the group is Ron's offspring: Ronson, Sissysan, Penny, Nelly, Lumpy and Arthur.

It was a cool morning after a good rain. We could use some more rain, but never diss what you get. Out beyond that fog is acres and acres of farmland, woods and a few other farms. It's a nice view.

Inigo and Fezzik staring at Tyler the cat. Those two chickens roost on that chair and listen to the TV every night. I'm sure they are very well informed on a lot of things. We like to watch shows like "How it's Made" and "Food Factory".

We've tried to get them integrated with the rest of the flock, but these gals are just happy as a clam to be sitting on the front porch being creepy while we watch TV.

Ah well.

This is a photo of Percy. Why? Percy likes his photo taken. He's a ham when it comes to photos.  My Sister claims he's mean, but he's just a big ol' marshmallow. He will come up the front stairs and holler for me to pet him. He likes his belly rubbed. You can't get near him when it's breeding time, but when that's over............he's a big ol marshmallow. 

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