Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The measure of a human is what they do when they have nothing at stake

I had a very odd dream last night/early this morning. I was sitting in class listening like a good girl when the guy who sits next to me looks outside and says, "WOW!" which makes us all look. We are on the 2nd floor of a building, so looking out over the parking lot we notice that the sky is not blue, nor gray nor any natural sky color - it is the color of fire.

We look for the cause and find none. We run down the stairs and out the door and find the entire sky the color of flame.  And in my mind, I realize this heralds the end of humanity; Armageddon, the Reaping,..whatever you call it. It's the end.

But life goes on and we all do our best. The next part of this dream, I am working in an office. I do not know the man with whom I work, but I realize it's a co-worker. He's on the phone with a customer across the world away. A flash of bright, a swoosh and we are both in another office. I look outside to see barren, brown rocks and a mountainous terrain. My co-worker is still on the phone, and as he still talks to the customer, we realize we've traded places. They are in America and we're in their office, in Tibet. yes, Tibet.  As time goes on, we realize that everyone in the world has traded places with someone else. There's no real rhyme or reason to it. You get zapped into another place.

My next trade is to a home in a large city. It's a nice Victorian with lots of wood paneling and such. As I pull back the curtains, I see people looting and violence, but I choose to stay with the people here: A grandmother with her granddaughter and a young man in his 20's. As we survey our surroundings, the girl picks up bits of jewelry on a table and asks,'Do you think our stuff gets to go with us, or that this was here all along?' I have no answer. We search and find one of those chocolate oranges: the orange flavor chocolate in the shape of an orange wrapped in orange foil. I open it and share it with the girl.

And as I sit eating the chocolate (incidentally, I've never eaten one of those in real life) I wonder where my family is. I start to panic - who's taking care of the animals? Is anyone taking care of my animals? Do they even know how?

Which then wakes me up. As I lay there adjusting to real life I think to myself, "what would it be like, if the only thing you keep is yourself but are constantly changing lives with others?" What would be the thing you prize most? Could you survive? What if you were left with a child to care for? Would you do it? How about animals? What if you traded places with a criminal in solitary? Would anyone let you out?

A good thought to ponder once in a while. People get attached to many things, but what if the only thing you had left was .............yourself? 

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