Thursday, May 22, 2014


Yes, Sissy's death has been a big blow to all of us. We miss her terribly. We suspect she became egg-bound, a condition that is most often fatal in poultry. She had not laid eggs this year and I knew she'd been shagged. There are a few things you can do, but you have to know that she's egg bound to start treatment.

My laptop had been shutting down randomly, so I had Dave take it apart and blow out the fan. It's been sporadic since. I've been using Alex's laptop (he has a desktop also) but it's frustrating. His touchpad is extra touchy and if you rest your hand on it, well...the laptop does crazy things.

We sold 2 of Molly's babies to a lady who lives near the Dells. She had bought 2 geese from someone and one died. Geese need a flock to survive, so I offered her two of Molly's babies. She said they are doing well and bonding with her gosling. It's good to have a flock of happy geese.
There's a good video of what it's like to have uber-protective Moms about. She hisses, she hollers and those 3 babies are the most protected goslings around.

School is done. My final went all right. I start the Collaborative Engineering classes in the fall. I'm more nervous about the financial aid than the classes. Since I had to register at two different universities I DO hope that I can get my full financial package. This last year I've been shorted so much aid that I had to put last semester's tuition on a credit card. Not funny guys, get this shit straightened out!

One of the goals of the poultry farm was to educate youngsters in poultry and such. We've lent out eggs to a teacher to have them hatch in her classroom. She got 2 chickens and one duck. I named the duck Buttercup and the chickens Inigo and Fezzik. Yep, from the Princess Bride.  I've also created a facebook page: that I update for the kids and others who like to see life with a bunch of loud geese ducks and chickens.

Dave had them snoozing on his arm last week. Buttercup has doubled in size since then. They are inseparable, which confirms the fact that if you raise the poultry together, they are OK with it.

Knitting wise, well...what I'm knitting cannot be shown until it is gifted to it's intended owner. I've a friend who is I'm knitting.

I've made a few more hats though. I mean, what am I up to? Like 5 of those hats? Well, each one has a nice name like Indefinite Integrals or Optimization since that was what I was studying when I knitted it.
Except for the one that is in shades of Watermelon. That's Warehouse 13 finale. I cried. I will admit to it. I really liked that show. Now if Sci Fi can get back to Haven, it'd be nice....

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