Sunday, December 22, 2013

Snow Day

Today is a snow day. Yep, it's a Sunday, but Mass was cancelled so we stayed home and shoveled out the driveway.  It's been an odd week; I've slipped and fallen on the front steps due to the ice storm a few days ago. This morning I was going down the back stairs to release the flock when I slipped and fell again.

Minion Slippers
My right leg has taken quite a beating so far. I'm going to take it easy for the rest of the day. We've gotten the tree decorated, and I'm making peanut butter balls.  They are coated with chocolate, so I will need to refridgerate them for a few hours before that happens.  I'm finishing up a pair of Minion slippers for my cousin. The pattern I'm using is the Aunt Maggie's Slippers and it's working up pretty fast. Of course, it would be faster if I could figure out where I put my size 9 double-pointed needles! Meh. I'll just seam them up when I am done.

School is done. I've had 4 whole days of nothing to do. So I'm reading the Mortal Instruments Series and knitting stuff. Mittens made from handspun wool. These are wicked warm ones that I made by doubling the yarn. There is also a mens sweater being knitted from Lion Brand Fisherman's wool. I had originally started it for Dave, but the sizing is coming off small. So it will be an Alex sweater.

The snow has stopped for today and I hear it's going to get butt-cold out there. So we'll need to keep an eye out to make sure the animals stay warm.  So far, the roosters are showing a bit of frostbite on their huge combs, but as it's on the tips, it's par for the course.   While Dave was out snowblowing the driveway, Sissy the goose was wandering trying to find her flock. She waddled up to me near the house and then took off to beside the goose house which was far from the rest of the flock .

I took pictures, and this one turned out the best. Wouldn't that have made a great Christmas Card? Now that Dad is done making lots of noise with the snowblower, she's back to laying on the straw in the garage next to the van. She's not a cold weather goose, nor a very hot weather goose. She is a very friendly goose, however.  She loves Dave though.

Last weekend, it was below freezing, and Sissy was acting odd. So I picked her up and took her inside to make sure she was OK.  I went outside to get some feed for her and came back in to this:

A Goosie girl on top of Dave. No, I didn't ask why.  Dave has a pet goose. That girl can do a lot of things to him and he just lets her. That morning, it was stand on top of Dave. 

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