Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

For those of you with a Non-Christian, Non-Catholic background: There actually was a St. Nicholas. He lived in the 4th Century in Greece. He was known for putting coins in the shoes of orphan girls so that they had dowries to get married. Over the centuries, that's been turned into Santa Claus.

We all know I'm married to a man who resembles Santa Claus. We get that all the time. Some child will come up to him or me and ask, "Is THAT Santa Claus?" We play along. Our favorite was a child who was touring this old log cabin in the center of Dinosaur National Monument at the same time we were. We were there in June on our Great American Vacation II. This child was whispering to her Mom as we walked around, and finally her Mom said out loud, "I don't know if that's Santa Claus. ASK HIM!"

Now this log cabin is like a 4 room shack -no running water, heated by wood. The woman who lived there was reputed to be a lover of Billy the Kid. So we're milling around checking out the construction and stuff.  Dave walks by the child and says, "Yep. I'm Santa. This is what Santa does on his vacation. He goes camping with his family."  I walk by from the other side, saying. "Now if you want to ask him something, you better do it now. He'll remember when he gets back to work." By now this child is talking to Dave and Mom is smiling. Dave asks the usual, "Have you been a good girl?" and she nods.

Alex walks by then and without missing a step, "YOU think it's hard being good for Santa? Try being his Son." and we continue on our visit.  It's entertaining for both us and the children.  I mean, if you're going to resemble someone, it might as well be someone good, right?

I must confess that I am more positive about Christmas than I have been in a long while. Perhaps the fallout with the In-Laws' was a benefit. All that stress is gone and I'm truly looking forward to a holiday at home with MY family.

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