Friday, October 11, 2013

Bad Juju

Ok, if one of you is sitting there holding a voodoo doll that looks like me...can you take out the pins now? Please???

Bad Juju has followed me for about a month now. The latest layer on the crap cake is my coffee maker dieing. I mean...........really?

Last weekend the microwave gave up the ghost.  Dave pulls out the old one we had and it didn't work.  So he ended up taking it apart and repairing it.  Now we have a microwave.

I SWORE I turned on the oven last night to make dinner.  We had to sit and wait an extra hour for the tater tot caserole to bake because the oven wasn't on. Oh the timer was on, but not the oven. ~facepalm~

The entire spare bedroom needs to be emptied and have the carpets cleaned *again*. I did it two weeks ago and one of the cats has decided that it's one big litter box. Good thing all my stuff is in plastic boxes, but still.  I can't sew in there, the smell makes me wanna puke.

Which is why if you go to my Etsy shop, you will see some fiber, knitting magazines and other stuff up for sale.  I'm finding stuff and selling it. It cleans out my sewing room and helps pay tuition.

You need a picture:  

That's Daisy in her pen. Since she was attacked, she has had to suffer with a  permanently injured leg. It's broken and it repaired horribly. She hobbles around but not all that well.  She gets to bathe in those litter pans and has food and water in her fenced in area.  I tried letting her out whenever she wanted by opening the door,  but as soon as she waddled out to the area, Buddy, Sweet Pea and Gingy attacked her.  So...until she gains a bit of weight, she stays in the pen.  She gets the kennel at night in the garage with the other ducks.

It's been foggy in the mornings on my way to class.  This was shot out the window at 55mph the other day. 

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