Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Many Uses of my Ipod Touch

Ok, so this time I'll try to remain upbeat and stop bitching.  Although I have to say that being cursed with SADD at the same time as Christmas is challenging.  Seasonal Affective Disorder...whatever that last D means just means you get the winter blues.  Last year was bad, let's see how this year goes.

Ok, so one thing I really wanted was an Ipad, but I settled for an Ipod touch for 200 bucks less. I've had it a few years and it's my smart phone without a phone.  I carry it everywhere.  It's got wifi and a lot of apps I use every day. I can email, skype, take pictures, video, get weather updates, check the doppler radar, look stuff up on the internet and read books on it.   Just like a $400 ipad but much smaller.  I used to call mine the Ipad Mini............until Apple came out with the Ipad Mini.

That's one of my lab partners goofing with a long-chain polymer we made in Chemistry. We mixed two chemicals added a bit of food coloring and we got Gak.  We colored our Gak booger green (my choice). In chem lab, I use my ipod touch a lot: I take pictures of results to compare color, data on the board gets photographed, and just to remind me of what we did that day. 

I downloaded a graphic calculator for College Algebra which is working out great. It was free, so I am not out much. My alarm clock on this thing wakes me at 6:30 every morning to "Gangam Style" and if you don't know what that is, Google it.  It's a perky song from Korea.  I chose that song because I hear it through the earplugs I wear at night.  It comes on and I think, "What IS that noise? Oh yeah, time to get up."

Words With Friends for a bit of downtime is on there. I must admit to never playing Scrabble as a child.  This is more of a challenge than I guess. I lose regularly, but it's fun. I had a shopping list app on it, but it kept crashing after the update on the OS, so I just use the notes feature. 

When I am shopping, I'll take pictures of things that I want to research further, or remember to get later on sale.  This yarn is a great colorway, and acrylic as well. One of these days Hobby Lobby will have a sale and I'll snag a few skeins and knit something for someone else.  These days, I don't knit in wool for anyone other than my family. Others never remember NOT to throw it in the washer. 

My biggest gripe about the Ipad is that it has *one* button.  You use that button to get to the main screen, and sometimes it refuses to do that.  That is a major frustration and I swear I've come close to throwing the danged thing about a dozen times. 

Because of the fact that we don't get cell reception here, and I don't like phones, a cell phone is not necessary. Not to mention that we don't have $200 a month for 3 smart phones, and service. The Ipod Touch hops on wi-fi and saves me $2,400 a year just in the fact that I don't need cell service for it. The downside to that is it's pretty much useless if I need to call someone in the car. I've reasoned that there is no place I drive that is too far from a home that I cannot get out of my car and walk to.

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