Monday, December 31, 2012

How Christmas was ruined AGAIN

This is a long post, filled with cursing, ranting and bile.  I apologize to anyone not in my family.  For those, let me say that Christmas was ruined again, this time it is solely the fault of my Brother In Law, Dan.

Readers Digest Version: I invited Dave's family for a celebration here on Saturday.  They intended on spending the weekend here. Everything was going great until about 10 pm when my Brother In Law deliberately started a political fight with my husband. This escalated into a whole family fight. In the end, my Father In Law decided they weren't welcome, shoved every one into the van and took off.  Despite all efforts to make them calm down, they refused. Mostly because my Brother In Law would not shut is mouth. David and I are now disowned by that side of the family and will never see them again.

For those of you who still think Christmas is a beautiful, wondrous time of year, please stop reading now, because your life does not need this.

(this is where I have the urge to post the photo of my Brother In Law, but the lame ass motherfucker would probably sue..he thinks his shit don't stink, and that he's 'perfect.' Yes a man who had to move back in with Mommy and Daddy at the age of 50 because he could not find a job in California, got a job in a factory and has lived with Mommy and Daddy since [what's it been Dan, 3.....4 years now? Can't find your own place in Town? You're living with you MOM AND DAD and you're older than me! Face it, you.are.pathetic, and verbally abusing women doesn't make you awesome, it makes you vile.])

For my family, you'll hear an entirely different side of this story, I am sure: The one where we 'forced people out of our homes in the middle of the night.'   Which is complete and utter bullshit: THEY DECIDED TO LEAVE and nothing would have changed their minds. But hey, it keeps with the ol, "Dave and Brenda are EEEEEEVIL" mantra doesn't it?

Dan started it by not keeping his FAT MOUTH SHUT! There is an explicit rule at family gatherings: NO POLITICS, NO RELIGION!!!  Did ya hear that DAN??!?! OR did you think it did not pertain to you???

I bet you did, because you're soooooooooo much better than us, aren't you?

AND YES, making derogatory remarks or pretending to gag about stuff on the news IS CONSIDERED TALKING ABOUT POLITICS!! I don't give two rats asses' what you say, YOU DELIBERATELY STARTED A FIGHT WITH MY HUSBAND OVER POLITICS BECAUSE YOU KNEW WHERE IT WOULD GO.

I find it so very very lame and so very very STUPID (Like you called us about 100 times) that you would:
1. Start a fight about this shit. I mean really? You KNEW it would start us off but you did it anyways.
2. Your abject and obsessive worship over Obama and his ilk is nauseating, and repulsive. You, your Mom and Dad just decided that Obama is more important than your family. A MAN YOU HAVE NEVER MET gets precedence over your family. That's how bad your worship of him is.  I know you don't see it, but the rest of the world finds that just so telling. Keep your Messiah, and honestly, why are you even pretending to worship God? Stop going to church and just set up an Obama altar in your house.  It'll save you time on Sundays.
3. Just because your Messiah gets criticized, you decide to break family ties. Really? (I honestly stopped counting during this whole incident how many times I said Really? Because only INSANE people talk like you three.) How does one get to the point where they will break a family up over a GUY???? Even over a political idea?
4. Tolerance? HA! Who invited whom over for a celebration? WHO started the fight? I mean, is politics so much more valuable to your life that you cannot even shut your fucking holes about it for 2 days?!?! WE DID!! I found zillions more to talk about. but you? OH HELL NO! PRAISE BE OBAMA! Makes the rest of us want to fucking puke all over your shoes.  YOU ARE INTOLERANT, BIASED ASSHOLES! Just admit it and you'll feel better.
5. Dan, you sat there and proceed to 'educate' us on how awesome your side of the political aisle, because we only read the 'conservative news.'  I did not ask, nor need your opinion. The simple fact that you cannot refrain from doing so means that you have a mental illness that should be reviewed by a professional.  I came *thisclose* to decking your sorry ass.  No one cares what you think, no one wants to hear your shit, just SHUT THE FUCK UP!
6. Then get Dad and Mom into it. You are such a fucking prick! You KNEW EXACTLY what you were doing! But then again, we would not know how they truly feel about us if you didn't.  I honestly did not know my Father In Law and My Mother In Law think we are stupid, evil people.  I'm sorry you had to 'put up with us.' for so long. If that's what you think of us, maybe you ought to go see if you can get a trophy or something befitting of a Martyr.
7. DAN, YOU CONTINUED TO FIGHT EVEN WHEN YOUR KID TOLD YOU TO STOP!!!  Don't you know what kid of spot you put your son in??? He was home for THREE DAYS!! and you turned it into a disaster! For what??? Because you needed to prove how awesome you are? I feel bad for EJ: he wanted to see his family, not be shlepped all over Wisconsin because YOU CAN'T KEEP YOUR FAT MOUTH SHUT!

EJ, I am sorry this happened. Like I said, when you allow nameless, faceless people on TV to form your opinions on people you've known your entire lives, this is what you get.  

You and your Sister's families are welcome to my home ANY TIME.  Bring your families, we'll throw something dead on the grill, swim in the summer, sled in the winter.  We love you and wish you all the best!

Your Father, however is not welcome here. If he steps foot on my land again, he'll get one warning to leave and if he refuses (like I think he will) I will make sure he leaves with a limp. Yes, THAT is how much I hate him now.  He's done nothing but tear this family apart.

8. That whole thing about believing some voice on the phone who 'told' you to go to Pearl St. instead of Pontiac to pick up the bus told me all I ever needed to know about your worthless ass.  I TOLD YOU FIVE TIMES WHERE THE TERMINAL WAS - FIVE FUCKING TIMES! I've lived here all my life,  my Uncle WORKS for Van Galder, but you believe some chick on the phone before me???? You suck.
-and when I called Van Galder back, the lady on the phone said, "Oh we would have never told him to go to Pearl St." That's when I said, "Oh I know but he does not believe me when I said that the terminal is on Pontiac."
And when I said to you that the lady confirmed the terminal on Pontiac, YOU STILL REFUSED TO LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You got on the phone and spoke to her. Oh and what did she say, Dan???THE SAME THING I DID!!  Again, YOU ARE PATHETIC! No wonder you've been through two wives! Let me give you a hint of what's wrong: YOU!
9. I'm guessing it was you, Dan, that put that Obama toilet paper on? What, did that mess with your pwetty little vision of your Messiah? Did it make you snap to know we've got Obama toilet paper? I can understand how you needed to refill the toilet paper roll, but did you somehow miss the ENTIRE PACKAGE OF TWELVE ROLLS OF TOILET PAPER SITTING NEXT TO THOSE TWO ROLLS???? Those Obama toilet paper rolls were not to be used, idiot. I was going to gift them to the RNC in Janesville.  It's still tragic how much you feel that your messiah cannot stand to be criticized.  YOU decided to pick him over YOUR OWN FAMILY!  That's going to be fun to see in the future: Is Obama going to come over and wipe your ass when you get old? Is he going to feed you when you can't? Is he going to give you a nice cushy home when you cannot work any more? Oh but he's so totally worth all that worship isn't he?

And yes, comments are closed.  You know my email address. I refuse to take phone calls and suffer any more abuse from this family.  You've done your best to ruin Christmas for over a decade now. I'm done.

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