Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's been awhile since you've seen a real picture of the geese. They're full grown, with full grown voices and full grown annoyances. Yeah like teenagers. But here's a few of the others things that hand out back:
Four Pekin ducks.  Two breeding pairs so to speak: Two male, two female.  That's great right? Yeah, no. One male has usurped all the females.  Most of the time we've got one male dejected duck by himself.

Man, even when you stack the deck, things just don't fall right! The ladies are laying eggs.  We'd love to hatch out the eggs, but right now is not the time to start incubating, with winter being about a month away.

Incidentally, I don't think those guys can NOT walk and talk at the same time.  They quack away while waddling one after the other from place to place.

This one is a bit hard to puzzle out, but there are two hens and 7 baby chicks in the lilac bushes. We started with 10 chicks, but 2 drowned in the pools and one disappeared; probably down a feral cat's throat.  I saw one lurking around last week and got a shot off at it. I don't think I hit it, but I am sure I scared it enough not to come around for a while. 

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