Monday, August 20, 2012


That is the sound of the truck going down our road marking the middle section now.  About a month ago they put down pea gravel and mucked up a perfectly good road.  Now they're marking their mess...sort of like marking their territory. It will be fun to dig out pea gravel from my yard come spring due to the snowplow.

SO, as my MIL would say...Anyways....

Working on closing the shop.  Dave and I have talked about putting up some sort of place holder to keep the shop open without really working on bags. I have some knitting patterns I've written that can be added.

The Geese and Ducks are getting along more and more each day.  Now that the geese have become fully feathered, they are bigger than the ducks.

Here is Dave with 3 of them. They look alike and I really cannot discern who is who all the time now.  I know the one in front of Dave is Sissy just from her head structure and the fact that all her baby down fell off before everyone else's.

Knitting wise - I'm still knitting on the Aidez.  The sleeves had to be frogged because they were too small.  I mean really too small. I rewrote that whole part to make bigger arms. It starts with 34 stitches and increases gradually to 70 then starts the decrease/raglan shaping. 

On a side note: I did no know how popular My Little Pony is with teen guys.  No, really! I'm going to use my sewing skills to see if I can make a stuffed on for my kid. If it's as easy as I thought, I might sell a few to his buddies..

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