Monday, December 6, 2010

Out here in the black

The other day, I was posting on some forum or another about how things were different 'Out here in the black.' which is a term from Firefly. It's amusing how idioms from favorite shows sneak into your every day language. I've been watching NCIS for years, and now things that are just not-right have become, 'hinky'.

But out here in the black means something that is just more than being in the middle of nowhere. Out here in the black...20 miles from the nearest moderately large city...we make do for ourselves when things go hinky.

Like when your well pump goes dead and you have no water. Dave's been teasing me about my obsession with putting gallons of water on the back porch/laundry room. It's not really a porch per se...more like a mud room. I stash gallons of water back there just in case and last weekend we used all 10 of them up plus refills.

But out here in the black, we learn to deal with minor crisis with a calm stubborness. We will not let it get us down, and we will survive. Even if it means dipping water from the pool to flush the toilets. We survive...and get on with life.

So as not to go all wishy washy, I've added a cute pic of the stuffed moose that I perched on my leg at my Aunt and Uncle's weekend.

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