Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Job Makes Life just that more interesting

So I picked up a job doing some data entry/mail sorting for a few months; mainly to pay off the debts on that junker of a car of mine. If possible, I'll save up enough for another decent-running yet used car.

The bag selling enterprise is still running, albeit with less inventory. I can still do some sewing after work and on weekends, so I will be doing more fabric buying online. Which is good actually, since I get the better designer fabrics that way.

Christmas is over, and I'm glad of that. The crappy Wisconsin winters make driving a stressful experience and for some reason, I do not do well physically at my In-Law's. I always wake up feeling as though I've been crumpled like a piece of paper. My sinuses were screaming and I could not deal with the lights at church. I ended up looking downward at the Nativity Set during the service.

Our gift giving between Dave and I involved exchanging top-shelf liquor: Bourbon for Godiva Chocolate Vodka. I think it was a great idea, since we've already gotten into our respective gifts.

Tigger had some issues with hurling for a few weeks and I was worried he had gotten some bad disease. He's 13 years old; not a young kitty any more. We switched his food back to the usual stuff and started feeding him less. He's stopped throwing up, which is a relief.

And yes, he does a wonderful impression of Jabba the Hut.

Knitting wise; I'm starting the Gloucester Coat from Interweave. A cabled coat with an intricate collar. Since I'm working on the body right now, I'm still debating whether or not the collar is going to happen or if I will put a simpler hood on instead.

Mine is knitted from Patons worsted in a dark green color. I'm working on the front left side which is about 1/2 done.

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