Friday, November 7, 2008

What's in my Bag?

You know, I hardly ever post these days and it's a shame.  I've been knitting like a fiend and should show my cool stuff. 

So, perhaps this will be a new feature: What's in my bag? Since I make the bags, be aware that my bag preferences change frequently.  

Current bag: Skulls and Roses in Medium

You will notice a few items in there: a white-ish thing and a knitted thing in green, orange and red.  Let's go with that colorful thing first.

This is a sock blank by Fiberartcafe.  It is just beautiful!!! I met Susan at the Dragonfly Yarn Shop yesterday. Kerrie has open knitting on Thusdays from 1 til 4.  For a work-at-home Mom like me, it's 2 hours that keeps me sane.  Sure, working from home is great.  I get to set my own hours and save money
 on gas and stuff. But, there is a downside: No one to talk to. 

My husband and my son are sometimes the only people I talk to for DAYS.  About a month ago, I realized how much strain this puts on both them and me. I'm relying on them too much for just plain conversation. I'm female,  with a female need to converse with others.  So I go in every week for 2 hours, talk knitting with some ladies and knit.  It's been great! 

Ok, back on track now.  Susan, the maker of the sock blanks was in and she had a HUGE tote of these blanks.  To a knitter- especially a sock knitter- that's like paradise.  Susan and I flipped through a bunch before I heard this one shout my name.  After I am done with the Harry Potter socks, this is the next thing on the needles. 

Speaking of Harry Potter: 
This is from the Opal Harry Potter line of sock yarn.  The colorway I am using is Ron.  The needles are size 0 Addi Lace circulars.  I do think I slipped a mental nut when I started on size 0's but, hey....there's worse things I could've done!

Next up, cashmere. 

Kerrie's been starting to sell spinning fibers. Last week I went to see what she had and this cashmere was just..............awesome.  I petted it for a while and then left it there.  
This week,  I bought an ounce of it. Since I had this planned, I tucked my mini-Boz in my knitting bag. I tugged a bit of fiber off my ounce and started spinning it right in the shop.  Oh, how beautiful it spins!  

At home I spun about 1/2 an hour and then the temptation got to me.  I had to knit it!  So I grabbed a couple of size 0 dpns and cast on stitches.  The swatch was knitted with the pattern from the Apres Surf Hoodie .  Now that I've seen how it looks, I'll be improvising that lace pattern and putting it to use on a smoke ring.  What else would you do with wisps of soft cashmere?

For more practical knitting; there's the washcloths.  Knitted on size 9 needles from a pattern by Artsygal
I knitted about 5 of them in a week. I like the colors, which is the peaches and cream gumdrop color.  This is that washcloth cotton you can get at Walmart for less than 2 bucks a skein.  I saw the pattern and on impulse, bought yarn and knitted them. 

So....what's in your knitting bag???


Fiberartcafe said...

Hi Brenda,

Thanks for mentioning my shop in your blog. :) There's nothing in my bag right now..... I've been cleaning house. It's such a chore right now because the yard is so messy. My husband keeps bringing in wet leaves and mud! I know what you mean about going crazy working out of your house. I used to work in an office. I love working from home, but you don't get the interaction with others that you need. I knit with some people too and go to all of the guild meetings. :)

Knitman said...

Gosh I am impressed. Love these colourways, especially that blank.

Brenda said...

My Aunt and Uncle had a Lhasa Apso. It was named Jingles. Jingles would stop at the end of a block and look both ways on command. She was a smart and pretty dog!

Artsygal said...

Thanks for the link! I've already told you this, but I'm loving your washcloths! And the cashmere lace. Hubba hubba! I completly understand the needing someone else to talk to thing. Now that I work from home, the only person I see for days at a time is my roommate. And while she's perfectly nice, I miss seeing more PEOPLE! Must try to start a knitting group in this podunk lil town.