Thursday, November 13, 2008

Topic of Discussion: Color in Roving

On the Spinlist now is a discussion of color in roving. There are many techniques, tricks and ways to get a solid colored yarn from roving. But what happens if you take small samples of color, and ply it with others? Well you can get yarn that will look like this 
when knitted. Ignore the white bands for a bit and focus on the colored areas.  To a knitter, that looks like Noro, but it is not.  I used small bits of dyed handspun to create a yarn that looked real muddy on the skein. 

I purchase  something called 'scrappies' from Vedabliss on Etsy. On the spinning wheel, the color blocks were less than 12" long.  They were mostly greens, and pinks. Occasionally another darker color would be in it. I plied it to itself without concern for what the result would be. 

The scarf was an experiment.  What would spinning and plying this type of yarn do? The answer was to make a knitted fabric with that Noro look, but with MUCH better feel.  I've been trying 'purposely' to do this for months without a good result.  This happened on accident! 

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