Thursday, February 7, 2008

We've had some fun snowstorms here in Wisconsin. All this winter, we've been endlessly shoveling snow. Our favorite thing to say is "Oh look, it's snowing again!"

But yesterday's storm beat them all. It even got our area on the national news. Here's a link from the Chicago Trib:,0,2281609.story

You don't have to read it, actually it's quite boring. I'll summarize the fun part:
"The National Weather Service said Thursday its preliminary figures put the highest accumulations at 21 inches at Orfordville and near Beloit, 20.1 at Saukville, 20 near Evansville and at Jackson, 18 at Glendale, 17.1 at Beaver Dam and 16.5 near Sun Prairie. "

Our cozy little farm is located outside of Orfordville on the way to Beloit. Yeah, we've got something like 21" of snow in one day. Everything shuts down when you get 21" of snow in one day. Hell, even the postal service doesn't work. Dave and Alex haven't been to work or school in two days. Good thing I work at home eh? Well..........I can't mail anything until tomorrow.

Last night Dave and I went outside and did some digging out. It took over 2 hours with a snowblower, shovel and our labor to clear off the driveway, parking pad and the cars. The wind whipped up some 4' high snowdrifts. That's taller than the snowblower y'all.

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