Saturday, February 2, 2008

Knit Along Updates

Dem Fischer Sin Fru 2
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What you see is Dem Fischer Sin Fru -Fisherman's Wife. It's a faerose type shawl. Faerose to me translates as "Oh, the shawls that don't fall off" I like that in a shawl.

This is the completion of clue 1. I was waiting for a store in the mall to open up yesterday so I sat down and knitted for an hour in the food court. Two people commented: One older lady (older than me) liked the lace in it, and one BIG dude wanted to know what I was knitting for him. I cocked my head to the side and purred, "A shawl, and you will look soooooo pretty in it!" He laughed.

The details: Knitted in Misti Alpaca Laceweight yarn in cream color on Addi Turbo size 4 needles.

Now, I'm also in Secret of the Stole 2, but my effort got hideously screwed up and I frogged it. I'm not sure I'm going to start again. I knitted the first stole and gave it as a gift. The recipient received it, questioned what it was, then announced that it will be used as a table runner. Um ah, sure..........whatever.

I know I ought to let go. Whatever the recipient wants to do with a gift should not reflect upon the knitter. Ah, to heck with it. I'm not knitting any more shawls for Christmas.

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