Friday, September 7, 2007

Many thanks to all who gave me compliments on the shawl. Here is the prospective bride wearing the shawl at the bridal shower:
(She's going to kill me for this but....)

I told her that you only get married for the first time once, you need an heirloom for it!

My hideously colored shawl is sulking on the loveseat, almost done. School started for both Rudd Jr. and I this week. Well, actually I started last week, but who's counting! The course I am taking is an intensive one that gives the students lectures and lab time to become a Physical Therapist Assistant. Well, at the youthful age of 37, learning new things takes a bit bigger hammer than it did before.

I learned how to take a patient's vitals this last week: along with a test on all that I've learned. Also being tested, was our ability to wash our hands, and converse with patients in a way that they know what is going on and why. That's something you don't normally get in a doctor's visit, and it's a shame. I'd like to be one of those that tells you why you are getting said tests done.

This weekend it is off to my Sister's for her granddaughter's birthday party. She'll be a big 2. Perhaps on the way up I can finish off the stole and study, study, study.

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