Sunday, September 9, 2007

I finished the Mystery Stole 3!!!

Isn't it the most hideously colored piece of lace you've ever seen???The pattern's great, but my selection of yarn meant that I had to grab all of one type of yarn that I had spun regardless of what the color was. I will attempt to dye it one color, perhaps a bright pink or black.

Meanwhile, my Sister's granddaughter turned 2. She was in her typical mood (both Sister and Granddaughter) Someone did put her in a sundress that I had sewed for her about 4 months ago. Isn't it cute? That was one perk with working at a fabric store. We were allowed to pick out a current pattern, and make it from fabrics that were new also. After 6 weeks, we got to take the item home, no charge! I made a skirt, a dress and this dress in the year that I was there. Oh and there was one night when it was snowing and no one came in. I proceeded to knit a fashion scarf in an hour and display it. I think it was in Lion Brand Fettucini. Interesting stuff.

This week is my first exam at school, and next weekend Angie is getting married! For all of us who have known Angie for years, we were quite suprised when she announced her Engagement. Kinda like when I announced that I was getting married; lots of relatives said, "Brenda's getting married?!?! I gotta see THIS!"


Gammy aka Peggy said...

You know what, you not only knitted your stole you also spun the yarn. How many of us can say that? Congratulations.

N. Maria said...

I'm with gammy aka peggy!
Look at how talented you are! I'm sure I could spin some yarn but there would be no guarantee it would be the same thickness all the way through to the end!
And then you will dye it, too?! I can't do that either.
Your knitting looks superb!
Hope you post another picture after you dye it!