Thursday, July 19, 2007

You know, that Thing you put clean clothes in.

A few years ago, I was at my Sister's house and suffered what my husband and I thought was a very mild stroke. Sitting on her couch, my face felt odd-hot, tingly, flushed. My vision became tunneled, and everything looked as though I was looking through the wrong end of binoculars. Then I got up and went to my Sister's computer to fix some program that had a CD for it. I kept dropping the CD. My hubby got concerned. I said screw it, took an Imitrex and then headed for a bedroom to take a nap. Now mind you, I was probably about 34 or 35 at the time. When I woke up a few hours later, I felt drained, but that was about it.

Since that time I have had issues with what they call Nominal Aphasia. I can be talking about some object and cannot bring the name of it up. It's easy stuff: like refridgerator, door, radio...and today Clothes Basket. I needed my son to fill the basket up with clothes from the dryer but I couldn't remember the word "clothes basket." Out of frustration, I just pointed and said, "THAT thing, fill it up."

Why do I put this on a blog? There's got to be another young person out there who has had the same thing happen to them. The good thing about this is that it does become less and less frequent over the subsequent years. BUT, if you start feeling all out of sorts like I did, for crying out loud...Go To The Emergency Room. Man, I could've had a massive stroke and kicked it right there and then...........In my Sister's house on one of her kids' bed. She'd never forgive me for that!

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