Monday, May 22, 2017

And so, back to the real world!

Graduation was last Saturday. A rainy, dreary day here in Wisconsin, but a good day for a graduation inside. I did not invite the whole family. Hell, Alex had to work. I was there mostly in support of my fellow classmates.  This is their first go-round in the realm of post-High School graduation and I could not be more proud to stand up with these ladies and celebrate this achievement.

Now it's 'find a job' which in reality started about 2 months ago, but has stalled after the first 2 rejections. I was upset that I did not get into my first 2 selections, but not surprised.  With all the preparations for graduation, I left the rest of the applications on hold until now.  I'm glad I did. I can focus on polishing up that resume so it gleams. I can rehearse my good answers to the interview questions, assess what did not work the first 2 times and just go.

I've gotten some bad advice lately that has me re-evaluating what it means to be me. But after trying it their way, horribly failing and spinning myself into a corner, I did what I should've done in the beginning: reject the advice and kept on being me. So I'm back to me.  The ever inquisitive, blunt but funny me. I'll never be the Belle of the Ball, but I will certainly rock the bar next to the Ball!

Lot's of UFO's on the needles here to finish off as well. I'll get some photos up too.  One is an ode to my Tigger. I do miss my old orange kitty.  

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