Thursday, July 2, 2015

You are Here - Celebrate!

I've been hearing a lot of whining from people these days about this or that offending them. Here's the deal; your offensiveness is yours. No one needs to change to keep your petty little sensibilities from being nicked. YOU are stronger than that!

After you read this, go look at yourself in a mirror for a while. Heck use your cell phone if you have to, but LOOK at yourself. YOU are the result of thousands of years of survival.  Your ancestral parents have survived many things for YOU to be where you are.

There were three pandemics in the world over the last 700 years. One wiped out about 50 -80% of the world's population. No, I didn't say just *one* area...THE WORLD LOST UP TO 80% OF THE PEOPLE.  Had one of those  people been your ancestral parent before you were born? You wouldn't be here.

But the Bubonic Plague reared it's ugly head a few more times over the millenia. In the 1600's it hit England again, decimating 30% of the population. Yet, your ancestral parents survived to give your ancestral parents life. THEY SURVIVED!

The Spanish Influenza of the early 1910's killed roughly 1/2 the population - again- worldwide. Yet, your great-great-great granparents survived.

In the mean times, your ancestors either raped and pillaged, or WERE raped and pillaged. Yet they survived and reproduced.

Before antibiotics, 50% of the kids a Mom would give birth to would die before their 5th birthday, most within the first year. Yet, your ancestors survived.

I'm betting at one time or another, one of your ancestors was enslaved. They were probably refugees at one time, or forced to flee their homes due to a pestilence or conquering army. Yet, they survived.

And here you are, the result of all that hardship, whining about something stupid that made you feel bad. Pick yourself up there, buddy. You're made of much sterner stuff than that. 

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