Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Um, yeah. Time to get to work!

Today we will be accepting the delivery of a pair of new recliners to replace that old busted up part of a sectional sofa/recliner that has been my rest for over 6 years. I'm excited! I'll be able to sit closer to my hubby, watch tv and take good naps.

On the knitting front, I've been going through the spare bedroom where my sewing/craft excess is stored. I found a few more projects and will think about whether to frog or finish. In an effort to puzzle out a pattern I saw online of a cute little fox hood for a kid, I tried to create a semblence of it in an adult size, without the ears and with a pattern to the hood.

My effort was interesting. At first, I made the hood part too short. Which made it just insane to try to wear. This is when I added another 2" to the whole thing.  All of the yarn in this hood was handspun, two ply. I held 3 strands together and worked on size 11 needles to give it a ton of warmth.

I casted on 90 stitches on circular needles. Then did what I would call a spaced seed stitch throughout the whole thing. You know when you usually do seed stitch, it's like k1, p1 then the next row it's p1,k1? Ok, well add a plain knit row between them. That's it. So I get oh, about 11" from the bottom and think, now how do I want to make the face hole? Well, my asthma likes to kick in while breathing cold air, and I do have one cowl that makes it simple to duck my nose under it to gain a bit of warm air, so let's try it with this.

I isolated 10 stitches, knit back and forth for an inch, then bound them off and just kept on knitting the hood part flat. At the edge of each row, I faked ribbing by keeping 5 stitches as a border. If I ended that row with p5, then I purled that 5 for the start of the next row, then the next two rows would start in stockinette.  In the end, I 3-needle bound off putting 40 stitches on each needle and using another one to bind it off.

The fit is ok, and it was an experience and it IS warm, but functional? I don't think so. It is too deep from face to back of head to stay on properly. But I did whip it on the other day to keep the sun out of my eyes to take a nap. It worked and I kept really warm.

And lo and behold, when the uber-warm thing gets finished...spring finally comes! Not needed anymore.

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