Friday, September 12, 2014

I see reds and pinks. I like reds..not so much pinks

oh Hey!
that's George saying hi to me. He and Fred like to come up and chew on me a bit while I'm outside.

I've been inside now for a few days struggling with a nasty cold. First day was the clogged yet drippy sinuses, Yesterday was the migration to the asthmatic lungs. Today is just meh.  really really meh. I'm tired and glad to be going nowhere.

Last weekend was the Sheep and Wool festival in Jefferson, WI. As Dave found a cooking partner this year for his task of cooking the roasts for the Church's Harvest Festival, I got to go! I finally got my hands on one of Adam Mielke's spindles. I've wanted one since he started making them. I understand he's stopped, but a few can be had.

I started spinning with some nice red merino roving in it from the Fairy Yarn Mother.. Susan is a good friend of mine that I enjoy talking with at the fair each time. She has the most wonderful shades of roving around.  It's the one roving I am most trustworthy of to hold it's color and be wonderful to spin.

I had to tell her how much I enjoyed spinning and knitting my most go-to hat in the world, the red Rikke hat:

That hat has weathered last winters polar vortices with aplomb. I put that warm thing on my noggin' and go out to do chores happy that it won't fall off my head, fall over my forehead nor, get snagged on anything. It's all a work hat ever needs to be, and it's a pretty color.

And I have to confess that I have about 3 Rikke hats and more than once I've grabbed one to warm up a little gosling or duckling that's just hatched. They do well as pouches to warm those little buggers up. I remember last spring gathering a gosling who had fallen into a pool and couldn't get out in one. I snatched it from my head and popped the gosling into it. Betcha it was Lumpy. She's now as big as her Mom.

The Harvest Festival went well again this year. The meat again was delish, so kudos to Dave and Matt for the expert roasting of it. As summer dies to fall, canning is coming around...
40 pints of tomatoes put up for the year. Now I get to work on potatoes and carrots. At least the warm water will help with the cold. No worries, I DO wash my hands obsessively and canning requires high heat that will kill most viri.

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