Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Yes, that last post was brief, wasn't it?

That's what happens when you try to write a post on your ipad instead of the laptop. Blogger won't let you add photos without signing up for their FB Wannabe G+, and then they think they own all of your pictures on your ipad. Really, it's stupid and I was not in the mood to fuss with it.

And if you're in for looking at a tablet to buy; I don't recommend the ipad for school. It sucks. Here are the reasons why:
1. No ability to run MS Office. I NEED to be able to run Word and Excel. It don't happen on the ipad.

2. I had to purchase a separate app to be able to write notes for my classes. TopNotes is a good app, but DAYUM! Didn't anyone at Apple think that a student might NEED an app already installed to write notes?

3. Inability to run two programs at once. No, I do need to check my email, and futz with an excel spreadsheet at the same time, or Skype a fellow student and write notes.  None of which can be done on an ipad.

4. oh great it's snowing again...nothing to do with an ipad, just a general frustrating thing. It's like the winter that will never end. Now where was I?

5. Oh photo sharing/document sharing is crap. Worse than crap. If I have something on my laptop and I want it on my ipad ...........which is on the same network............sharing what is SUPPOSED to be the same 'icloud'.............I  have to physically get up, go over to my laptop, choose the document and email it to myself to get it on my ipad. It's either that or connect ipad to laptop w/cord. Is this...2014? How is this not happening in the cloud? Or on  my network? When will this 'cloud' sharing shit actually successfully happen?

6. Photos are still shitty w/an ipad. Yes, I have 2nd generation because I didn't need HD on it, I needed to do schoolwork. Not to mention the fact that you look like an absolute goober trying to take pictures with an ipad.

If I had to do it all over again, I'd have picked the Samsung Tablet. Fellow students have it and I've seen it do things that this ipad wishes it could do.

On the homefront it's the same stuff, different day. More chicks and ducks have been hatched. We're up to like 20 chickens and 5 ducks hatched in the last 3 weeks. Dave hurt his back last weekend, and caught a cold, which he shared with me. That's the one that has me grumpy. Honestly, I'm not usually this grouchy while I'm sick but I just have zero patience this time.

I cleaned out part of my sewing area. Mostly because I need to get rid of some of this fabric stashed forever. It's going to the theater department. Four banana boxes stuffed with all kinds of kitschy fabric so they can make whatever they want. Along the way I found an entire banana box with 1/2-made KIP Bags. I'll finish those up and either sell them or donate them. I have no idea what I was thinking when I stashed those. 

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