Monday, November 4, 2013

In a lighter mood...

Yep, sometimes I can get pretty serious. Admittedly, I usually keep that kind of thought to myself. Sometimes it's good for others to know that actually think of more serious things than poultry and knitting and spinning. Oddly enough, some of my more deep thoughts come when I am knitting.

Friends of ours welcomed a new daughter into their family on All Hallow's Eve. She's a beautiful gal; born at home with Mom, Dad and Midwife in attendance. It's with a bit of wistfulness that I have to admit, that if Dave and I were able to have kids 1) there would be many of them, 2) they would be born at home and 3) they would be beautiful, sassy AND smart.

Instead, we shamelessly spoil all the kids we come in contact with. This little lassie was being held by her Godfather as we spoke about her adjusting to the outside world.  As you see on Mom's lap in the background, I knitted her a Lady Eleanor Stole to use as a nursing shawl.  It's out of Lion Brand amazing, so I am comfortable telling her she can throw it in the wash if little one spews on it.

With Fall & Winter babies, the nursing shawls should be a bit more substantial than a summer shawl. This gives Mom and baby a wooly band to wrap around the chest to keep both warm.

Anyone who has ever sold Plasma knows what that bottle is. The funny part is the reason I took this picture was because I needed to know if I was almost done with my 'donation.' They place you on these beds and I cannot really see around the machine to gauge how far I've got, so I open up my camer on my ipod, swing it down and take a picture.  Then I go back to reading whatever trashy book I'm on.

Handy tip: Look for a website called Book Bub.  They send you daily emails on low cost, or free ebooks through Amazon and other sources. I read these books while going through the whole plasmaphoresis routine twice a week.  It takes about an hour. You really can't do anything else while it's going on, as one hand is out of commission. That's where Alfred the squishy toy comes in handy.   He now has an added leg and a key ring stuck through the back of his head.

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