Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to train your concentration in one 'easy' week

What you are looking at is the rash that comes with Poison Ivy. It's on pretty much the upper 1/2 of my body; flank, arms, chest, neck and ears.  Thankfully my face and hair have been spared as well as my legs.  It itches something fierce. I mean more than anything has ever itched in my life!

How does this train your concentration? Well, I had a Trigonometry final yesterday. I've spent the last week working on reviewing all I've learned over the last 6 weeks with a less than stellar results. It's hard to concentrate on formulas that have the same variables but in different areas when you really just want to scratch ...pretty much everything on the top 1/2 of your bod.

Calamine lotion works to a point, and there is no way I can have splotches of the stuff on while in public.  People are waaay to judgmental and hypersensitive to anything that smacks of being less than 100% perfect.  I've stayed home for the most part, trying to study and rest.

My final was as brutal as I expected and I tried my best.  When I got home I sat there for a good 10 minutes scratching everything I could.  Everyone tells you not to scratch but they have no flipping clue how good it feels and how intense the urge is to do so.

Molly's babies are showing more changes these last 2 weeks. There is a definite change in their beak color and they are getting their real feathers. Toulouse geese have orange beaks.  The gosling in front is showing the change to that color. It's more of a gray color than black.  As it gets older, I would expect it to become a speckled orange shade.

Now that my summer class is over, I'll be finishing up some prayer shawls for the church, as well as some odds and ends her on many knitting needles. That dogbone pillow, the deephaven cowl, a shawl made from sparkly stuff, and that sweater of Alex's.

Alex is..........well realizing that the Marines is a lot of physical work.  He's probably going to bail on it before he even gets to Basic.  Which ticks me off to no end as well as frustrates me.  He thinks he's going to get a job quickly that will give him the $$ needed to be on his own.  I told him that with only a HS Diploma that he's dreaming.  Every day I pray to God that this child would listen to his Mother, take the things I say to heart and just do what needs to be done to enter the Marines.

And every day God ........and Alex ...........ignore me. 

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