Thursday, July 11, 2013


We have our worries about Sissy, center in the photo.  She's been acting oddly lately; standing in corners just zoned and walking aimlessly not with her flock. Her bad eye has been looking worse lately, and I suspect she's lost more sight in it.  Her depth perception is worse: I see her trying to lap up water about 1/2" from the actual water.

If it is true, and she's lost all sight in that eye, she WILL eventually adjust. We'll need to adjust as well.  Before I walk over to pick her up, I talk to her and make sure to touch her side so she knows I am there.

She had an injury to the area below her chin. With the hot, muggy weather lately, it was important to keep it bug-free.  I slathered triple antibiotic ointment on it twice daily to keep it from blood sucking bugs. It's healed over now, so that's another thing that will make her feel better.

I've been working on a redesign of the banana squash head pillow.  I discovered that it is a great thing to prop up my ipad on my lap so I can knit and read at the same time. The prototype is out of some leftover Lion Brand Magic Stripes that I found, but the resulting pattern, when it is up, will be able to be knitted from any sock yarn.

I've also decided to use smaller needle to make a more firm fabric and to make the inner part about 1" longer to accommodate the ipad and the case. I'm also forgoing the start at the end-knit to the other end as it's a pain in the ass.  I'm starting it at 1/3 the way in and will pick up the stitches to make the other end. I know, hard to explain, easier to knit.

 The ipad was courtesty of a Wisconsin Higher Education Grant that I got last semester.  Part of it went to the ipad, which I use all the time at school.  I have an app on it called TopNotes that allows me to use my stylus to write notes in class and draw pictures.  It's only limitation is that it does not draw circles, squares, etc...which would be really good for Trig.

Look for that redesign pattern soon.  

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