Saturday, July 9, 2011

River Tam

The third installment of the Ladies of Firefly series actually was not intended to be River Tam. I woke up from a nap on Easter to think to myself what if I knitted cables with a laceweight mohair in the shape of the Clapotis? What would it look like? So I made some notes and started knitting. I had purchased this skein of Cascade Kid Seta just because it was soft and pretty.

Knitters will tell you, sometimes you get yarn and it sits in your stash until it speaks to you. Well that Kid Seta was screaming to me I guess! After the first skein was finished, there was some question as to whether or not to extend it for 2 skeins. It actually needed it, but I just didn't feel like knitting on it any more.

Now I've gotten into a 'I should finish stuff' mode. There are about 4 projects that have been hibernating in project bags waiting for me to finish them: The featherweight sweater, the Gloucester coat, the River Tam and another Strawberry Hat. I frogged the hat. Screw that stupid thing. The other stuff will be finished though.

River Tam looks like this:

Once I am done with the knitting of the stole, I will be sending it off with a friend of mine so that she can dye it a more water-y color.

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