Monday, June 27, 2011

How hard is it to break a treadmill anyways?

The family has been experiencing a lot of changes lately, and I've not been knitting nearly enough! Our son Alex has graduated from High School and was preparing to enter Tech School for a welding degree. Everything was all purty and quiet here and then he got a text - from his girlfriend - who broke up with him - in a text. So 2 years of relationship ends in a text (can you tell that's a real annoying point for me, the text?) and my son is left bereft, hurt and without a real need to stay in this podunk little town.

Two weeks ago, he announces, "I want to go into the Navy."

Okay! This option was floated about in the last few years for many reasons: 1. We've got no real $$ saved up for college. 2. His grades are not really indicative of ambition towards a college goal. 3. This kid can code computer programs IN HIS SLEEP, and needs a place where he can expand on that knowledge is a more structured environment than college. College has too many distractions (girlz and booz)

So now Navy is on the table again. We go to the recruiter and discuss his options. His only downside right now into joining is his need to get into shape. Mom decides this is the perfect time to join a gym and get into shape herself. The Brodhead Health Club has a 3 month membership that is perfect for our needs. Each day Alex and I get up, and get to the gym for an hour to 1 1/2 hours of real workout with weights and cardio.

This ol body is not liking it one. single. bit. I'm sore, I'm tired and I keep falling asleep in the afternoon. Of course, that might just be the lack of Pepsi going through my veins. Our goals are modest and attainable as long as we keep on them. If I get to my goal, I thought another Tat might be the reward. Alex gets a snappy new wardrobe and a new career.

Prayers are needed to keep us focused. I'm going to try something I've never tried before: Jogging. My ~ahem~ chest rack has precluded much running as I don't want a bruised eye, but with new spandex technologies, I think I can tame them enough to jog. I used to say I only ran when chased. I guess I better find someone to chase my treadmill at the gym then!

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