Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Singular Focus

Sometimes it is good to find a focus and stick with it until it works. A few weeks ago, my friend Sue and I were reminiscing about good Jewish food. That got me thinking about Challah - that wonderful braided bread made around Passover. Wouldn't ya know it, but Passover is this next week!

So I've taken one day each week to attempt to perfect my recipe for Challah. The first few tries were uh....tragic. Not enough flour led to something that looked like a pie crust and too much yeast led to something that resembled a 9 x 13 brown rectangle.

The last few have been more successful. This last one was made entirely by hand and tasted very good: not too sweet, yeasty with great chewiness.

That is what it looked like after the first rising and before the next rising. Like the 95 year old pan? I swear, it's from my Grandmother's stash. It very well could be 95 years old!

The last Challah will be made for Thursday. Perhaps I will find another focus. I'm thinking something less...doughy.

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