Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Stuff about me

Random stuff. Why? because I can:

1. I've got asthma. Had it for over 30 years. It's biggest triggers are cold air and exercise. Pushing a car out of a snow bank has almost killed me once.
2. I've never watched a reality show. Survivor? American Idol? Big Brother? Bachelor? any of those I've never seen. And yet....I still live. How weird is that?
3. I've never seen an episode of Sex in the City nor Desperate Housewives either. Still living too!
4. I wear socks like 99% of the time. My feet are almost always cold.
5. I use handkerchiefs regularly. I'm probably the last woman who does so.
6. I read abnormally fast. I've read 700+ page books in one week. I'm glad for ebooks now, because I would not buy books with less than 300 pages. It just wasn't cost effective for me.
7. I think that apple cinnamon toaster strudel is crack in a box. I can eat the whole box in one sitting.
8. I speak English, French, Spanish and am learning Italian. My next goals are Norwegian and German. I know enough of them to knit patterns written in those languages.
9. Show me a painting of a woman from the last 300 years or so, and I could tell you what the date was within 10 years. I have studied the history of costume that much.
10. I make my own hazlenut mocha latte every morning. I've got my own espresso machine. Cost per latte is like...$1.25

10 for now is fine. I'm currently working on some screen printing of silk and patiently waiting for a semi-warm day to rake the leaves out of my flower beds.

Some nice cloud formations from my front lawn.

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