Sunday, February 27, 2011

Uh Yeah...I have a blog right?

I've been doing a lot of knitting, a lot of sewing, and a lot of meeting. Let us start with knitting:

The Janesville Area Knitting Guild's Annual Knit-In was last weekend. Anyone who knows me know's I am the Door Prize coordinator for that event. Usually that keeps me from taking classes. As a help to vendors this year, we asked for less donations and gave them to the first 50 registrants. I got to take a class! I took steeking. Really, it's not as frightening as you think it is, once you know how.

BUT, we need pictures!

(Note to self: STOP TAKING PICS WITH YOUR CELLPHONE!) The pictures don't really turn out well when I do. My entrant into the knitting challenge is a Christmas Stocking done in colorwork. The yarn is entirely handspun, and the designs came from a book called "Aran and Fair Isle Knitting" and is part of the Harmony Guide Series from Britain.

Sewing? Oh I'm in a Amy Butler phase again. Pop on over to the store for a nice bag while they are still on sale. This design series is called Soul Garden and it's just captivating.

I've met with the vendors at the Knit-In and the members that attended. It was all in great fun and I got to show off my newest thing, the Tattoo.

It's been two weeks now since I went and got it. Did it hurt? Yep, it did. Is it real? Yep. Where was it done? Alkali Tattoos in Janesville, WI. Is my Dad jealous? Oh, heck yeah.

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