Sunday, September 12, 2010

Image courtesy of Genesis Ultrasound.
For the last 2 years or so, I've been battling a cranky gall bladder. In the dead of the night, I would wake with a gnawing pain right in the middle of my chest. It would gain in strength for a few hours and then subside, usually with a gurgling sound coming from my right side under the ribcage. I did some research and realized that it was my gall bladder and most likely these instances were when I passed a gall stone.

Last Thursday, I had another episode that was different than the others. It was earlier in the evening and it would just not go away. I asked my hubby to take me to the emergency room. There, they took some blood, set up an appointment for an ultrasound the next morning, and gave me pain medication. There's really not much else they CAN do for a gall stone. I get my results on Monday, and I do hope that the gall bladder is empty or is filled with only a few more stones. If that's the case, I hope to persuade the doctor to give me a few pain pills to get me through the next few passings.

Now if that gall bladder is full of stones? That's going to take an operation. Problem is; I have no health insurance. The state-run Badgercare kicked me off of it last December - I made too much money.

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